When is Pitchfork going to start reviewing chart-toppers who play guitar?


Why Usher and Lady Gaga and not Taylor Swift or Paramore? If the explanation is “We just like them better,” that’s unfortunate.*

*Pitchfork should definitely be reviewing Lady Gaga and Usher. I’m not complaining about this at all. 

This. It feels like p4k is taking the easy way out by not covering pop-country / pop-punk / etc. The same goes for, say, covering tracks from Adele and not actually reviewingher records.

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This is a photo of my dad and bunch of his college friends outside the university gymnasium - a gymnasium which still looks exactly like that, trust me, I just graduated from Taylor in December (I’ll walk in May).

My dad is the mustachioed one in the back next to the guy in sunglasses.

I have sunglasses pretty much just like that currently.

I love this picture.

Happy Father’s Day self-reblog.

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Title: Aching Eyes Artist: Ghost Hands 10 plays

Ghost Hands :: Aching Eyes

An unexpected, Alaskan gem.

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Eight days ago, I took Amanda out to a new Japanese steakhouse and sushi place. We both enjoyed everything about it, but this post is about two micro-stories related to that date, not the date itself.

1. The restaurant was playing what seemed to be a mix CD of au courant radio pop, heavy on female dance pop vocalists; it was pleasantly incongruous. At one point “Kiss Me Thru the Phone" played, and I told Amanda about the time I was driving to visit Tyler (and Bane and Skala) in the summer of 2009 and heard an Indiana State University radio station DJ sheepishly introduce what she said was a special song to her and her boyfriend. The song was "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." I suppose it’s appropriate that I heard it on a college radio station during the summer; a time when college students are often separated from significant others.

2. As I mentioned, the restaurant was exceptional. Amanda said that the pickled ginger that came with our sushi tasted “like Anthropologie. Or Christmas.”

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Jai Paul, “Jasmine”


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Real Estate :: Municipality

This is really, effortlessly lovely.

Title: Obedear Artist: Purity Ring 20 plays

Purity Ring :: Obedear


It feels unusual to say this about a compilation, but Absent Fever’s Generation Y Not has become one of my favorite releases so far in 2012. Click through to listen or download.

I’ve grown particularly fond of the contributions from Dreams, who also released a quite good EP through Absent Fever last year, and an even better one this year. The sample in “Don’t Care Bout Her” ebbs and flows perfectly, giving the track an emotional arc as-of-yet unmatched in Dreams’ other work.

 Caves also have a new song here, but it doesn’t touch "1993", one of my favorite songs from 2012 so far. This was my first exposure to Honeydrip, whose gauzy, garage pop When You Dream is really promising.

Most impressive, at least as far as Generation Y Not goes, is how cohesive it is when taken as a whole. It is the most promising release from a label that has put out some surprisingly good music in the last year.

Title: All of Me Artist: Tanlines 10 plays

Tanlines :: All of Me

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