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…will be playing on Wednesday, March 28th in Taylor’s student union. Should be great.

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…will be opening. Also great.

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Taylor peeps $5, Other peeps $7 | See you there.


James Dean, ca. 1948 [detail]

Fairmount (Indiana) American Legion baseball team

(photo by Michael Ochs/Getty Images)

I initially felt let down by Best Coast’s Crazy For You, because it wasn’t an album’s worth of “Something in the Way" and/or "When I’m With You.” I still love those songs, but man, Crazy For You is really, really great in its own right.

The higher fidelity recording on the LP does wonders for the hooks, subtlety, and detail present in songs like “Boyfriend”, “Goodbye”, “Bratty B”, and “Our Deal”. I’m hopeful that working with Jon Brion on their record due this year will only highlight those things even more.

There are probably some records slipping my mind right now, but the next Best Coast record joins the High Highs LP (which I’m guessing might come out this year), Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror, and the forthcoming The xx record as my most eagerly anticipated 2012 releases.

Edited to add that I somehow forgot to put Purity Ring’s debut LP, assuming it happens, on this list.

I could not possibly like Every Hall of Famer more.

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At some point, this ceases to be believable.